LA Textile Spotlight: Sustainability, Denim & Japanese Fabrics


Sustainable design lab The New Denim Project debuted at LA Textile last season and caused quite a buzz among designer attendees, not only for their high-quality, upcycled denim and cotton fabrics, but also for the company’s environmental and socially conscious mission. Based in Guatemala, The New Denim Project is the newest and most innovative product line from Iris Textiles mill, founded in 1956 and specializing in the manufacture of sustainable eco-cotton yarn, fabrics & accessories. The brand also works closely with Japanese textile agents Ueyama Group and Takihyo NY.

We’re proud to partner with this innovative company for the upcoming show. Look out for a special LA Textile art installation highlighting fabrics from The New Denim Project.

Learn more about The New Denim Project: Website | Instagram

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MARUWA has been a key resource for premium Japanese fabrics at LA TEXTILE for over 8 years. Founded in 1948 by the Ueyama Group, MARUWA is a Japanese textile mill specializing in top weight fabrics using cotton, wool, linen, cellulose, and various blends in between, boasting an extensive stock service.

This show, the company will be introducing a fun & interesting printed seersucker corduroy. (Polka dot design pictured above).

Learn more about the Shuttle Notes By Maruwa: Website | Instagram

LA Contact: Email | 213.935.8323


We’re very excited to welcome new LA Textile exhibitor Takihyo NY, the US showroom for the Takihyo mill founded in 1751. The showroom represents a roster of Japanese mills, including:

Takihyo Sustainable Collection | Offering a wide range of eco-conscious fabrics including recycled nylon, polyester & wool, organic cotton, recycled Supima, Tencel & Bember, as well as certifiable Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Global Recycled Standard (GRS), ZQ Wool, Bluesign and Oeko Tex Standard 100.

1751LAB By Takihyo | Named after the year the company was founded, the 1751LAB brand offers special fabrics catering to higher end customers by combining techniques from skilled Japanese mills and selective raw materials to their highest potential.

Meirin Seni Co Ltd | Specializing in drape fabrics made from cellulosic regenerated fibers such as acetate, cupro, and viscose.

Mnet Co Ltd | Quality indigo denim fabrics and heavy weight cotton fabrics attracting many high-end brands worldwide, with quick delivery and multi-color options.

Kinan Knitting Corp | Casual knitting fabrics, primarily using natural materials to develop their original yarns from selective raw materials, in addition to ultra-soft, eco-friendly fabrics.

Nikke Textile | One of the top wool mills in the world, founded in 1896, offering fine wool fabrics to heavy weight melton fabrics. Known for proactively adopting new technology in order to enhance the quality of fabrics both aesthetically and physically.

Nihon Menpu | One of the best known denim fabric mills from Okayama, using traditional natural dye and tie dye, and expert yarn twisting based on traditional techniques. Known for denim fabrics with unique texture and fine craftsmanship.

We also love that the showroom is dedicated to working closely Fabscrap to recycle fabric waste.

Learn more about Takihyo NY: Website

LA Contact: Email | 213.935.8323