Inside the Showrooms: Must-See Brands for July LA Fashion Market

danish brands at dakota

B.YOUNG: Danish fashion brand focused on sharp design, carefully balanced colors, and highly conscious of quality.

ICHI: Bold, playful and feminine, providing a personal and unique touch across all different seasons. With a strong focus on detail coupled with a style that embodies a sense of freedom and raw femininity, ICHI addresses all women and ensures that they are always one step ahead.

FRANSA: Based in Denmark, high-end street style pieces offering feminine styles for every occasion.

Located on the 5th Floor, A-wing.

Showroom: Suite A593 | | 310-740-3546


HEDGE NEW YORK: Paying homage to the halcyon days of tennis and golf, HEDGE embodies a deep respect for its tradition. With a strong grasp on the reality of today where workout gear can be all-day wardrobe, Hedge bears strength and confidence on the bodies of its female customers. 

IVKO: Specializing in creating high class knitted garments combining detailed craftsmanship and state-of-the-art knitting technology. By only using the finest natural fibers, the brand produces unique, knitted fashion pieces designed for the modern, independent woman.   

BETTY & VERONICA: The official fashion brand by the babes made famous in Archie Comics. Featuring modernized, vintage-inspired apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products for individualists with a passion for art, music, and clothing.

LE CRUZ CLOTHING: New York based contemporary, street clothing brand for women & men, most notable for edgy athleisure, sweaters & denim.   

Located on the 4th Floor, B-wing featuring Men’s, Women’s and Unisex Contemporary and Lifestyle brands.

Showroom: Suite B486 | | 310-497-3851


JAK & PEPPAR: Clothing & accessories for free spirits. Design collections range from babies and toddlers to girls and tweens.

1+ IN THE FAMILY: Pronounced “one more in the family” and made in Barcelona, the brand designs high-quality contemporary apparel for babies and toddlers.

IMPS & ELFS: Dutch-designed organic apparel and lifestyle collections for babies and kids.

BOBOLI: Beloved, high-fashion European kids’ brand from Spain.

Additional showroom brands at Shayna Masino include Bit'z Kids, Coccoli, Cozii, Flowers By Zoe, Global Love, Little Mass, MIA New York, Mini Mini, Pink Jewel, T2 Love, and Tru Luv.

Located on the 6th Floor, A-wing featuring LA Kids Market showrooms and select Women’s Apparel, Accessories, Footwear & Lifestyle brands.

Showroom: Suite A689 | | 213-689-4950

sustainable brands at in play showroom

NATIVE SHOES: Since 2009, vegan footwear brand Native has been on a mission to make you “live lightly.” Beast-free has been an integral part of Native’s DNA since day one. Not a hair nor hide on any animal, anywhere, has been used in the creation of their products. Additionally, the brand is on a mission to recycle your well-loved Native Shoes through the Remix Project which gives shoes new life by re-purposing the material into versatile items such as playground flooring.

PARKLAND: What makes Parkland a unique brand is its environmental impact – all of its products are crafted 100% from recycled water bottles. Their mission is to inspire sustainable choices that combine purpose, style and quality at an accessible price point.

Located on the 6th Floor, A-wing featuring LA Kids Market showrooms and select Women’s Apparel, Accessories, Footwear & Lifestyle brands.

Showroom: Suite A672 | | 213-489-7908

angel premium at fern liberson & co

ANGEL PREMIUM: Essential for colorful, bohemian styles embodying the American multicultural mosaic, from western styled denim to desert tribal prints to embroidered folk motifs. The collection includes apparel, denim, accessories & footwear.

Located on the 5th Floor, B-wing featuring Women’s Apparel, Accessories, Footwear & Lifestyle brands.

Showroom: Suite B531 | | 213-623-1201