The below Seminar Schedule is from Market Week June 2019. Please check back soon to view the updated Seminar Schedule for Market Week OCTOBER 2019. 


Navigating Market: Best Tips for #BuyingLikeABoss

Monday, June 17 | 10 am - 11 aM | CMC LOBBY

Hosted by Janine Mix, The Complete Boutique

Join retail expert, Janine Mix, as she goes over best practices and tips for navigating market. Everything you need to know from creating a budget, fighting buying amnesia, to hands on tips for working with reps and selecting the best merchandise that sells.


TUESDAY, June 18 | 10 am - 11 aM | LABEL ARRAY 13B

Hosted by Shahrooz Kohan, AIMS 360

Learn how successful hybrid fashion brands are growing their business through multiple channels and how technology can help your brand run retail and wholesale orders concurrently.


TUESDAY, June 18 | 11:30 am - 12:30 Pm | LABEL ARRAY 13B

Hosted by Elsie Pon, OTB Retail

Every retailer's #1 question is "How much should I buy?" The answer to that question can only come from "open to buy" planning. This workshop will detail the need, benefits and workings of a productive "open-to-buy" system. Retailers will learn how to set up a buying plan to insure leaner, better balanced, faster turning inventory with fewer markdowns and a positive cash flow. Whether your store is new or old, small or large, brick and mortar or online, if you want to improve your bottom line, this is the seminar you must attend!

How to Dramatically Increase Sales without Relying on More Foot-traffic or an Online Store

TUESDAY, June 18 | 2 pm - 3 Pm | LABEL ARRAY 13B

Hosted by Janine Mix, The Complete Boutique

Join Janine Mix, CEO of The Complete Boutique, for this free retail masterclass where she reveals proven strategies for increasing your sales, building raving fans, and never coming off as ‘salesy.’