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LA KIDS MARKET Showrooms are located on floors 6A&B, 12C & 13C of the California Market Center (CMC). Open Monday-Friday, year-round to the trade, during seasonal Markets & on Market Tuesdays. Showrooms collectively represent over 800 brands from around the globe.


2-2 Hot | Suite A681
AB Spoon Showroom | Suite A677
Allison Showroom | Suite A649
Bridgeport Gallery | Suite C1211
Bodega International | Suite A657
Bow and Arrow Showroom | Suite A683
California Marketing Associates (CMA) | Suite C1300
Chantique’s Showroom | Suite A663
Circle Showroom | Suite A720
Conception Showroom | Suite A661
Dale Dominick Zizi Showroom | Suite C1251
Don Welborn & Associates | Suite A684
The Dressing Room | Suite A610
Eloisa and Mia | Suite A611
The Glitter Box | Suite A602 
Groupe Zannier USA | Suite A675
In Play Showroom | Suite A672
Jamari International | Suite A645
JB Original Vintage  | Suite A662
Julie Smith Kids  | Suite A686
Katie Kids Showroom  | Suite A646
Kids du Monde | Suite A678
Lindsay’s Loft | Suite A693
Lola Jo Sales  | Suite A607
Melrose International | Suite C1200
Metropolitan Kids | Suite A649
Morgan & Milo | Suite A660
Nancy Carroll Maternity | Suite A643
Nicky Rose Kids | Suite A605
Nicole Schmidt | Suite A670
Paperdoll Style  | Suite A698
Patti Bergstrom Sales  | Suite A685
Pazitos  | Suite A606
Randee’s Showroom | Suite A679
Rebecca Ebershoff  | Suite A656
Recess Showroom | Suite A601 
Red Wagon Baby
| Suite A682
Renee Frasca Navarre
 | Suite A696
Rochelle Sasson Perlman  | Suite A604
Rosalie & Friends Inc | Suite C1298
Scoop Showroom | Suite A603
Shayna Masino Sales  | Suite A689
Showroom 21  | Suite A665
Showroom A La Mode | Suite A667
Smallshop Showroom | A692
Splendid Littles  | Suite A635
SWYT Culture | Suite B605
Sylvia Gill | Suite A680
Tea Collection  | Suite A639
Teresa’s Room | Suite A653
Tuchman’s Accessories | Suite A659
Up and Away  | Suite A694
Wendy’s Closet  | Suite A690/691
West Coast Maternity | Suite A651
World Buyers  | Suite C1201

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Please note: These are not complete listings. For a full, updated listing, please request a Directory Book when you register at the CMC during Markets or Market Tuesdays.

    los angeles kids market at the california market center // 110 east ninth street suite A727 los angeles ca 90079.