California Market Center

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Yvette Beltran |  213.630.3649 (Press Contact)
Adee Drexler | 310.310.5208 (Press Contact)
Alyssa Olmstead | 213.630.3618 (Partnerships & Sponsorships)



Media credentials are required for all members of the press covering events
at the California Market Center (CMC).

Pre-register for an event by emailing the following information to Yvette Beltran:

  • Your Name
  • Title
  • Media Outlet
  • E-mail | Phone | Mailing address
  • Circulation/Readership

Check-in upon arrival for the event in the Buyers Lounge, Suite B271.

To register on-site, please bring a business card. Freelance journalists may
substitute a card with either an editorial credit / byline or published masthead.